Czornaja Panna

by Litvintroll

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Do you believe in fate?

Do you believe that thought is material and images created by the human mind can take on flesh and haunt their creators?

Recording the album with Death in its diversity as a protagonist we hardly expected that we would come to very close quarters with it and it would turn out to be not so mysterious and romantic, as many decadent authors described.

But first things first...

The album “Czornaja Panna” (“The Black Lady”) has marked the ending of the way Litvintroll ensemble passed which lasted for 3 years since the release of their debut album in long-ago 2009.This way was quiet long for a number of objective reasons. A lot of time had been wasted while we were looking for like-minded people in order to replace those who left the band for one reason or another. Someone has immediately become part of the team and still stays within its members. Somebody on his own decided to leave making us start looking for new musicians. To someone we tried to get accustomed but being not satisfied with the results we used to ask a person to leave the band.

Numerous concerts also didn't give us an opportunity to work more tightly with the new material. The geography of the concert tour was really impressive: we've managed to take part in festivals in the Baltic States, Germany, Austria, Ukraine. In Poland we've almost got registered. But this activity didn't let us focus on studio work.

Bright impressions and new blood encouraged the birth of new songs. Stylistically they turned out to be very varied and didn’t resemble what we usually mean by folk-metal. Due to the taste of the ensemble’s participants the music was noticeably influenced by doom. New topics of current interest were added to the lyrics, though they were still expressed in a form of fairy tales and folklore but songs “about trolls and wild mans” remained.

The members of Litvintroll, who entered the studio in spring 2012 in order to record the album, were different from those who went in a roundabout way around Europe in previous years. But we were alive and full of We could work determination to create the best rock’n’roll album ever in the studio all around the clock – fortunately, our fanaticism let us go through such difficulties easily and the number of gigabytes filled with source tracks was increasing at full pelt. Even before the recording there had been a question of whom we would entrust the album’s mixing and mastering because our goal was not only to compose songs but to achieve firm sounding. Many of venerable soundengineers with whom we were negotiating agreed to work with our material (they mostly have turned out to be really nice guys despite working with the top echelon of musicians). In the long run we chose Aleksey Bolotov who worked in particular with the sound of the latest Gods Tower album and running a few steps forward I can say that we didn’t miscalculate.

There are no similar to each other songs in the album “Czornaja Panna”. The record consists of 8 tracks and every song has its own story.

Da Siabra (To a Friend) – our good friend Martin, the host of the program HelloFolks at Lublin radio Centrum, once asked us to say a few words to the audience for the anniversary of his show. We couldn’t limit with stock phrases, so this song was created and written down at first in the acoustic version, and later we made its metal arrangement. The song stands out of the album’s general outline and conveys the mood with which we started working so we decided to make it the first track.

Kryzak (Piesnia Pra Trolau II) (Crusader (The Song About Trolls II)) is a sequel of the play with the similar title from our previous album. Written in the anniversary of The Battle of Grunwald the song, however, describes history of the great battle from a bit different party, rather than it is accepted.

Kamarova Smierc (The Mosquito's Death) is a folk song set on a chipper disco rhythm with a gloomy ending in Type O Negative style.

Lipka (The Linden) is one more folk song but this time a Polish one. The song - shout, the song - crying, a story about a girl who is forced to marry the unloved. In Poland where Litvintroll are the frequent guests, Lipka is known by everyone therefore the idea to play it arose long ago. The main task was to make it unbanal. I dare to hope that we’ve coped with the mission.

Karaleuskaja (A King’s Song) – from time to time it happens so that a grotesque character as if descends from the pages of a terrifying and malicious story. Look back and around, listen for it. Probably, right now you can hear his voice which is singing the praises of himself. It is interesting, what his destiny will be like in our world.

Czornaja Panna (The Black Lady)– everybody knows a sorrowful story of Barbara Radziwill. But Black Lady is not only a ghost of Niasvizh Castle. Having returned from the bottom plans of existence, she pushes the beloved in embraces of madness, dooming to death him and all his descendants. The song presented the name to the album and set its whole outline. Death which is lurking behind a lovely face of Black Lady eventually overtakes everybody.

Ad Astra – all of us aspire to stars. But what for? Someone thirsts for knowledge of unknown, someone runs away, leaving behind the burning world.

Lasun (The Wild Man) – man destroys everything around him. The earth lavishly shares its riches with him, but man always doesn’t have enough. He’s forgotten ancestors’ behests, he doesn't think about the descendants. And he won't escape the punishment. Ancient goddess Mara, who is one more hypostasis of Death, will say his name and pull a trembling heart out of the foe’s breast.

A person who took up the idea to transfer an image of Black Lady on a cover of the album was Devor who also worked over the design of our debut disk. It’s not easy to understand, whose face is looking at you from the cover – Black Lady? Mara? Death? But we precisely know whose heart it’s holding…

Some days before the completion of the album work, Mara said the name of our friend. Aleh died right on the stage. I won't write about our feelings at that moment, about what we feel now and what his family feels. I will only say that death seems to be romantic exactly until the moment when the one who was next to you for so many years, whom you considered eternal and unsinkable, your companion, dies. Sinister lyrics and that gloomy cover make absolutely other sense and call up the thoughts described in the first paragraph of this article.

Aleh Klimchanka put his whole soul into this album therefore we have no right to stop. We will keep on playing our music but every time when we go on stage our hearts will pass blow.

We dedicate this album to you, Friend.


released April 15, 2013


all rights reserved



Litvintroll Minsk, Belarus

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Track Name: Da Siabra [To a Friend]
To a Friend

What can be more precious than a treasure
As we ride to a friend’s place?
Wishing you long years of life as we raise our tankards!

When we get together,
It is not with tales we delight our hearts.
Wishing you long years of life as we raise our tankards!

We will get you mighty drunk,
We will get you glassy-eyed.
Wishing you long years of life as we raise our tankards!

Sing a song about trolls,
Beauties and worthy warriors.
Wishing you long years of life as we raise our tankards!

Wink to a merry lady -
Get yourself some loving.
Wishing you long years of life as we raise our tankards!

Call your friends to join the party -
The beer is still aplenty.
Wishing you long years of life as we raise our tankards!

Da Siabra

Szto dla nas kasztouniej skarba,
Kali edzem my da siabra?
Douhich hod żadaem, kufli uzdymaem!

Kali my źbiaremsia razam,
Cieszym duszu nie raskazam.
Douhich hod żadaem, kufli uzdymaem!

Z nami budziesz duża pjany,
Z nami pozirk budzie szklany.
Douhich hod żadaem, kufli uzdymaem!

Pieśniu zaśpiawaj pra trolau,
Pryhażuń i hodnych wojau.
Douhich hod żadaem, kufli uzdymaem!

Padmirhni wiasiołaj pańnie -
Budzie łaska dy kachańnie.
Douhich hod żadaem, kufli uzdymaem!

Zaprasi siabrou na świata -
Piwa jość jaszcze bahata.
Douhich hod żadaem, kufli uzdymaem!
Track Name: Kryzak (Piesnia Pra Trolau II) [Crusader (The Song About Trolls II)]
Crusader (The Song About Trolls II)

Late at night in a marsh, a gang of trolls were drinking,
And naturally, they found they needed one more barrel of brew.
What do drunken trolls do, when the night is dark?
They've got to go to the old man in the village to get more of that brew.

They walked to the village in vain, for the old man had died the day before.
They villagers had drunk up all the brew at the funerals.
So the trolls ate all the villagers, but to no avail:
You can’t get any higher that way. So they had to go back to the forest.

“Who is that crawling about in the forest, among the spruces and roots?”
The trolls smelled loathsome human blood.
“Forgive me, Herren Trolls. I am a crusader - a runaway prisoner.
I’ll get you more schnapps than you can drink, just get me to Dubroŭna!”

In a tight formation, armed with spears made from spruces,
The trolls, high on mushrooms, are marching to the Battle of Grunwald.
The carts of the crusaders who went against the Litwins,
Are full of schnapps and delicious soldiers to go with it.

The furious battle rages, the trolls suddenly gone mad,
Killing knights in metal armor like flies.
Few are left, the schnapps is getting closer.
And with that schnapps, they will have some crusaders and mushrooms.

Kryżak (Pieśnia Pra Trolau II)

Ciomnaj noczczu na bałocie banda trolau piła.
Dy, kaniesznie, boczki brahi trolam nie chapiła.
Noczkaj ciomnaj trolam pjanym czym siabie zaniaci?
Treba u wiosku jści da dzieda, jeszcze brahi uziaci.

Szlach da wioski byu daremny, dzed pamior jaszcze uczora.
Brahu wypili sialanie na chauturach użo da kropli.
Troli zjeli usich sialanau, ale to daremna praca:
Hradus hetym nie padniaci, treba u les iści wiartacca.

"Chto tam woszkajecca u lesie pamiż jełak dy karczou?" -
Adczuwajuć troli złyja brydku czaławieczu krou.
"Wybaczajcie, hery troli, ja kryżak, szto uciok z pałona.
Dam wam sznapsu, choć zalicieś, zawiadzicie pad Dubrouna!"

Kroczać szczylnymi szychtami, parabiuszy z jełak dzidy,
Złyja troli pad hrybami na hrunwaldskuju na bitwu.
U abozach, u kryżackich, szto pajszli suprać lićwinau,
Sznapsu szmat i smacznych wojau na zakusku jość.

Siecza lutaja idzie, troli zwarjacieli raptam.
Bjuć, nibyta kamarou, rycarau u żaleznych łatach.
Zastałosia użo niaszmat, sznaps użo nie za harami.
I zakusiać hety sznaps kryżakami dy hrybami.
Track Name: Kamarowa Smierc [The Mosquito's Death]
The Mosquito's Death

Hey, in a forest by a valley,
Misfortune has struck:
In the thick of the forest
Mosquitoes were swinging;

An oak bent to another,
And a mosquito fell down from that oak…
And as it fell from that oak,
Mosquito broke his head.

Mosquito broke his head
Against the oak’s bark.
Against the oak’s bark
Mosquito broke the back of his head.

Oh, Mosquito broke his sides
Against the oak’s boughs.
Oh, Mosquito broke his knees
Against the oak’s roots.

As the flies learned of what had happened,
They came flying to rescue Mosquito.
– Mosquito, our dear brother,
How do we save you?

– Send someone to the chemist’s shop,
I might get a little better…
– Mosquito, our dear brother,
How do we bury you?

– Don’t bury me by the road,
For they would stomp on my legs;
Don’t bury me by the valley,
For pigs would dig me up.

Bury me in the dark forest,
Under a green nut tree.
They will remember Mosquito
As they pick the nuts.

Kamarowa Śmierć

Hej, u lesie, pry dalinie,
U nas stałasia biada:
U dalinie, u huszczary,
Kałychalisia kamary;

Dub da duba pachiliusia,
Kamar z duba zawaliusia...
Ab dubowuju karu
Pabiu kamar haławu

Pabiu kamar haławu
Ab dubowuju karu
Pabiu kamar patylicu
Ab dubowu karanicu

Oj, pabiu kamar baki
Ab dubowyja suki
Oj, pabiu kamar kaleni
Ab dubowyja karenni!

A jak dali mucham znać,
Prylacieli ratawać:
- Kamaroczku, rodny bracie,
Jak-ża ciabie ratawaci?

- Pasyłajcie da apteki,
Ci nie budzie trochi lepiej...
- Kamaroczku, rodny bracie,
Jak-ża ciabie pachawaci?

- Nie chawajcie kraj darohi,
Bo dratawać buduć nohi;
Nie chawajcie kraj daliny,
Bo wyryjuć mianie świnni;

Pachawajcie u ciomnym lesie
Pry zialonieńkim aresie!
Buduć arechi szczypaci
Dy kamara uspaminaci.
Track Name: Lipka [The Linden]
The Linden

On the yonder side of the lake
Grows a green lime tree.
On that lime tree, the green lime tree,
Three birdies are singing.

Those were not three birdies,
Those were three brothers.
They were talking about a girl,
Who was going to get her.

One said, "You are mine!"
Another said, "God will decide!"
And the third said, "My sweetheart,
why are you so sad?"

Sad is all I can be,
For they want me to marry an old man!
There is not much time left,
Two more weeks I can spend with you, my love!


Z tamtej strony jeziora
Stoi lipka zielona
A na tej lipce, na tej zieloniutkiej
Trzej ptaszkowie śpiewają

Nie byli to ptaszkowie
Tylko trzej braciszkowie
Co się spierali o jedną dziewczynę
Który ci ją dostanie

Jeden mówi: "Tyś moja"
Drugi mówi: "Jak Bóg da"
A trzeci mówi: "Moja najmilejsza,
Czemuś żeś mi tak smutna?"

"Jakże nie mam smutna być?
Za starego każą iść
Czasu tak niewiele
Jeszcze dwie niedziele mogę miły z Tobą być!"
Track Name: Karaleuskaja [A King’s Song]
A King’s Song

I was born in a sad hour, foreseen by the priests.
The darkness dissolved, and everyone breathed easier.
I am the liberator, your hero marked by the Gods.
Take off your hoods and bow lower.

My destiny was foretold
I will be a king soon.
Then the grief and sorrow
With fire I will burn away.

Raise my throne, all studded with jewels.
Let it go higher, and higher, and higher!
Sing hymns to me, unfold your banners
Let them waive in the wind!

Shepherdless, the herd strays into the thick of the woods
Your people need a trustworthy leader.
With sword, fire and lash I defend power,
With spears of steel I prop peace.

Mine is the true way
That will lead the people to happiness.
Those who are not with us
Will suffer trouble and misfortune.

Heavy clouds, wandering in the darkness
Success has passed me around.
Darkness has led me astray. A bad way have I chosen,
A way that suddenly has taken me…
To the scaffold!

All of a sudden, things have changed
Where am I?
What has the king’s palace turned into?
The noose is my crown, the gallows are my throne!
The crowd roars all around me:
"Disgrace! Disgrace! Disgrace!"

Tighten that noose around my neck real good,
The furious wind is whistling!
Raise me to that beam.
Let me go higher, and higher, and higher!


Ja naradziusia u smutny czas, pradbaczany wałchwami,
I ciemra razyszłasia, dychać stała usim lahczej.
Ja – wyzwaliciel, wasz heroj, adznaczany bahami!
Zdymicie kapialuszy i schiliciesia niżej.

Moj los byu pradkazany
Ja chutka budu karalom.
Tady tuhu i skruchu
Adrazu wypalu ahniom.

Tron moj kasztouny dahary uzdymicie
Wyszej, wyszej, wyszej!
Himny śpiawajcie, ściahi razharnicie
Wiecier niachaj ich kałysza.

U huszczary statak ruszycca biez pastucha dahladu
Patrebien waszaj hramadzie nadziejny pawadyr.
Miaczom, ahniom i bizunom adstojwaju uładu
I dzidami stalowymi padtrymliwaju mir.

Moj szlach zapeuny samy,
Ludziej da szczaścia jon wiadzie.
A tyja, chto nia z nami
U lichie buduć i biadzie.

Ciażkija chmary, błukanni u ciemry
Pośpiech mianie abyszou.
Morak zabłytau, szlach abrau ja drenny,
Szlach, szto raptouna prywiou…
Na eszafot!

Znianacku usio zmianiłasia,
Dzie apynuusia ja?
U szto pieratwaryusia zamak karala?
Piatla – maja karona, szybienica – tron.
Rawie natoup nawokał:
"Hamon! Hamon! Hamon!"

Piatlu na szyi tużej zaciahnicie.
Wiecier szalony świszcza.
Na papiareczcy dahary padymicie
Wyszej! Wyszej! Wyszei!
Track Name: Czornaja Panna [The Black Lady]
The Black Lady

When the day goes away, everything falls quiet.
I enter your chamber, and my spirit it moans.
I feel a craving as if for a drink of water on a hot day.
I have no strength to bear my loneliness any more.

Only stars shimmer for us in the sky.
The crescent will weave a ribbon into your braids.
My chest it burns hot with passion.
There is no more time to waste.

I love you with all my heart,
My Black Lady, my Black Lady.
The silent darkness hides your face,
My hands are reaching out to touch you.
I can hear your voice in the whispering wind.

When the day goes away, everything falls quiet.
I enter your chamber, and my spirit it moans.
I crave to see you in my dreams again, never to wake,
For you cannot come back to me.

Czornaja Panna

Kali dzień sychodzić precz, usio zamirae.
Ja idu u twoj pakoj i duch ścinaje.
Prahnu, byccam by hłytok u czas śpiakoty.
Niama mocau bolsz trywać adzinoty.

Tolki zory milhaciać nam z niabiosau.
Miesiac stużku zaplacie u twaje kosy.
Hrudzi połymiem harać skwarna.
Niemahczyma bolsz hublać czasu marna.

Sercam swaim u ciabie zakachany,
Czornaja panna, czornaja panna.
U ciemry maukliwaj twar twoj schawany,
Ruki imknucca da ciabie dakranucca.
U szepacie wietra ja czuju twoj hołas.

Kali dzień sychodzić precz, usio zamirae.
Ja idu u twoj pakoj i duch ścinaje.
Prahnu znou saśnić ciabie i nie pracznucca,
Bo nia zmożasz da mianie ty wiarnucca.
Track Name: Lasun [The Wild Man]
The Wild Man

Put out that fire, trample down those charcoals
The smoke is burning my eyes.
You are an unwelcome visitor, a villain in the night.
Your every breath rends my chest!

You walked into my home without asking for permission,
You have tortured my sons, raped my daughters.
You took my treasure, destroying what you could not take.
You drove your axe’s spike right into my side.

We used to be like brothers, you and I.
We lived side by side for thousands of years.
Many a horn filled with mead we raised
As we sat at one table with you.

Together we marched in line, shoulder to shoulder,
When the enemy raged beyond the wall.
Then you betrayed me, spitting in my face.
An insult I never forgave!

The wood closes its heavy treetops.
Go stray in the night, don’t come looking for a way back.
A beast will swiftly catch up with you.
Run away howling, run for your life, to perish all the same.
Mara will call your name,
Piercing your heart with a poisoned spear.
The final path will lead you as if into a bog…
Why did you betray me, my brother?

The fire of cruelty is burning my soul,
All around is covered in smoke!
Unworthy is the villain of the Wild Man’s revenge.
No more suffering - the roots have been filled up
With blood as with rainwater!


Zatuszy ahoń, zatapczy wuhli
Jedki dym dziare woczy maje.
Ty niazwany hość, lichadzej unaczy,
Kożny podych twoj maje hrudzi rwie.

Ty uwajszou u moj dom, nie spytau dazwoł.
Katawau synou, hwałtawau daczok.
Rabawau moj skarb, szto nie brau – kruszyu.
I siakiery u bok usadziu mnie szyp.

My ż byli raniej swajaki-braty.
Pobacz my żyli tysiaczy hadou.
Za adnym stałom szmat my uźniali
Dahary z taboj miedwianych rahou.

Szychtawaliś my da placza-placzo
Kali za murom worah lutawau.
Ty ża zdradziu mnie, plunuu mnie u twar.
I abrazy toj ja nie darawau.

Les zmyknie swaje ciażkija krony.
Unaczy zabłukaj, szlach nazad nie szukaj.
Źwier ciabie chutka dahonić.
Woj, biaży, uciakaj - usio adno, pamiraj.
Mara paklicza imia twaje,
Dzidaj atruczanaj serca prabje.
Ścieżka aposzniaja byccam u dryhwu zawiadzie...
Brat, czamu ty zdradziu mnie?

Śpiakaje lutaść duszu mnie,
Kurycca usio wakoł.
Nia warty złodziej pomsty lasuna.
Pakut nia treba bolej - napity karani
Krywioju, jak wadoju dażdżawoju!

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